i-Net Secure

The companies' mission statement is
"To build value for our clients, employees, shareholders, strategic partners and
vendors by positioning ourselves as a leader in information
technology services".

i-Net Secure has been established since 1999 and we feel our strength our ability to build long lasting two way relationships which are mutually beneficial and that the services that we can offer will assist a company in its deployment and utilisation of IT solutions.

We aim to assist and make a positive contribution to the management and deployment of IT in a business and to ensure that IT staff can concentrate on supporting the business with the ability to utilise the experience and service of i-Net Secure and when required to assist with IT matters

By utilising the experience within i-Net Secure, you immediately gain the expertise of a complete purely IT focused company working with you. Because of the breadth of experience and our constant need to keep abreast with technological advancements within the IT arena, we are in the perfect position to give unbiased advice. In effect you are benefiting directly from i-Net Secure IT expertise and resources rather than employing more staff and managers where you would still have the responsibility of directing and managing.

Ai-Net Secure we endeavor to build long lasting relationships with customers, we are confident that we can provide an unparalleled service in terms of technical expertise and customer service.


i-Net Secure is a leading IT Security provider of Unified Threat Management solution protecting small medium business and corporate networks in INDIA.

i-Net Secure are an independent high quality IT consultancy with over 13 years industry experience & knowledge. Whether your requirement is security advice, training or configuration 

i-Net Secure, We do the core Network product portfolio Security Gateway, a complete perimeter DATA Security Solution which is available as Hardware, Software or virtual Appliance.